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A Long Visual Journey

I am a full-time self taught artist working from a home studio.


My first taste of art was at secondary school but it wasn't until 2011 that art was to become so important. Due to my ill health at this time I worked daily for use as a therapy. Art will always be a therapy first and foremost. I try to utilise my thoughts into my paintings and I will often use my brains feeling at the time.


In 2019 I was told I would never be able to work in a normal environment again so the desire to sell my work was no brainer. I felt well enough to try it and seek help with te other aspects of selling and promoting.


I still try to get galleries and other organisations to understand that there are talented disabled artists who never get the chance to attend events, etc. and therefore lose out where able bodied artists can or might thrive.

I paint in an Impressionistic and expressionistic style with loose and pronounced strokes. I also draw intricately with ink and in pencil with pencil crayon additions.


My brush work landscape paintings are less vivid than my expressionistic style but are as eye catching with loose naive strokes. They are more controlled, much more in the moment, sometimes conceptual and eye catching.


My abstract paintings are filled with significant deep foundations of mental trauma and pain. During my time in my studio my body releases different reactions to each painting and I release deep emotions from within. The expression in the finished art is so distinctive by the nature of my brain function at the time.

My ink drawings are so detailed and where my art first got recognition. Unfortunately I draw less with ink due to my Traumatic Brain Injury. I can draw better with pencil crayon, even though they can still be intense they offer less impact on my brain.


My art is displayed in Embassies, schools, offices and so many homes around the world.


Being constantly diagnosed with so many different issues with my health has helped my art. It has been the inspiration and turning point in my life I needed.


With the support of my wife we will turn bad days into better ones.

Thanks. dh

Contact My Representatives at Artgence:

Kyle Dow. Agent

whatsapp: +33 7 83 20 13 12

Marques Hardin. Agent

whatsapp: +1 (310) 614-4426


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