As mentioned on my home page due to my ill health following an road traffic accident in 2012 I use as art as a therapy. It will always be a therapy first and foremost.

In 2019 I was told I would never be able to work in a normal environment again so the desire to sell my work as a wage was a no brainer. I felt well enough to try it and seek help with the other aspects of selling and promoting. Did I ever think it would be this difficult, hell no!

Selling art is without doubt an able bodied persons vocation but I am proving that selling art as a disabled person can be achieved. I spend time Investigating all possibilities and more than often I am met with silence. I have persevered, I now have things on my side and even agents representing me.

My art styles change with every moment spent in my studio. I use them all for different purposes and they all have the desired effect. I can get very fatigued with chronic headaches, so I am learning to pace myself not just in art but with my daily life too.

My art is displayed in Embassies, schools, offices and so many homes around the world.

I have often been described as an inspiration but without the support of my wife I would not be doing this. In fact due to PTSD and other issues it is very likely that without my art and my wife I would not be here. Is she lucky I guess so and so am I?

My art will be a wonderful purchase but if you wish to get in touch about anything then please do. I look forward to interacting with you and hopefully selling you a wonderful investment.


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